Some digital security teaching this year

April 01, 2022

After completing my safety training fellowship with the IWMF, I'll be teaching online and an intro to digital security workshop at some upcoming Hostile First Aid Trainings with the IWMF, and online abuse workshops with PEN America.

PEN America

I'm really excited to work with a trainer as part of PEN America's Online Abuse Defense Training Program. I was impressed with PEN after reviewing their online harassment field manual, an extremely helpful guide for journalists to better understand and deal with diverse tactics of online abuse.

Some of the workshops I'll be co-facilitating are:

  • Online Abuse Self-Defense Training
  • Bolster Your Digital Safety: An Anti-Hacking, Anti-Doxing Workshop
  • Bystander Intervention Training: What to Do When you See Online Abuse

Check out their website for more info.


Hostile First Aid Trainings equip journalists with the skills they need to navigate potentially hazardous environments they might encounter as part of their work.

From the IWMF:

"During our HEFAT courses, journalists participate in both classroom-based learning and scenarios to simulate situations that journalists may realistically encounter in the field."

Safety is a deeply subjective and personal topic, so I'm especially glad to be facilitating part of this after my Next Gen Safety training fellowship, where we dismantled the idea that a war zone is the only type of hostile environment out there and worked together to build trauma and identity-informed curricula for these trainings.

With everything going on in Ukraine (and frankly, with journalists being especially under attack in recent years) I'm grateful to be able to help others be more empowered to do the work they need to do.